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Poetry Corner

Here are two love poems I wrote last in 2014. They are based on real life love stories. The second poem is from my mother and father’s love story.

Banana Bread

“Man alive that’s good banana bread” you said.

I said “Glad you like it,

I’ll bake you banana bread whenever

you need it”


and I will will away and ward off all of your fears

wipe away all of your tears

whenever you’re crying

tell you you’re beautiful and special and never be lying

and love you

I will love you


but if you don’t want that

if you don’t want all of that

I will bake you banana bread

whenever you need it.


Come Dance With Me

Let me start this by telling you my mum’s name was Jean

And my dad thought she was the most beautiful girl that he’d ever seen

Her eyes said come dance with me

But he didn’t know how to, so how could it be.

When it came to romancing my father didn’t have a clue

So he went to lessons for ballroom dancing

And elocution too

He wanted to improve himself for her to make a better life

Hoping that one day she might agree to be his wife.


So after some months he finally danced with her

and with courage and care he gently romanced with her

He had a sadness and a darkness my dad

But she was his light

And knowing he had her love made all things alright.


He was a shy man, no performer or show off like me

But he’d sing this love song to her over the table at tea:


Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive

Come out of your half-dreamed dream

And run, if you will to the top of the hill

Come into my arms, bonnie Jean


That was magical to witness as a young boy

and remembering it now still brings me joy.


When he felt lost in sadness she’d understand

Right up to the end they would go for walks hand in hand

I never heard them once argue or raise a voice

They never regretted making their choice

To give themselves to each other

She loved my dad and he loved my mother.


They made me see that true love really could be

So before it’s too late for us

Won’t you come dance with me.


*Please note the song my father sang to my mother was Rod McKuen’s song Jean.






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August 24, 2015 4:04 pm