30th anniversary edition
Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition and more.

BMX Bandits 1991 album STAR WARS is coming out on six glorious colours of vinyl and has new extensive liner notes by Duglas. Last Night From Glasgow are reissuing the remastered album on their Past Nights from Glasgow spin off label. The artwork is rather special too.

BMX Bandits Star Wars new



You can buy the album from Last Night From Glasgow here Buy Star Wars from LNFG

We also recommend Monorail Records shop Buy from Monorail Music.

Also available, this time as a digital reissue, is Duglas’ 1996 “solo” album Duglas Stewart’s Frankenstein. The album hasn’t been available for over 20 years. This version includes two live in session bonus tracks.

1996 BMX Bandits rarity.

You can buy the album from Bandcamp here: Buy Frankenstein.

p.s. New T-shirts stock coming very soon.

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April 1, 2021 10:17 pm